Personal Gear List

Pack as light as possible. Remember the more you bring on board, the less room there will be for you. Please no hard luggage, instead bring a duffel bag, and bedroll. You must have a CURRENT PASSPORT for proof of U.S. citizenship . Click this link for answers to your passport questions. DO NOT bring any illegal drugs on board the boat.


3 pairs of shorts

1 pair of long pants (sun protection)

1 long sleeve shirt (sun protection)

4 T-shirts

2 bathing suits

1 set of good clothes (casual)

Underwear/socks (optional)

1 pair sneakers or deck shoes

1 fleece shirt or windbreaker (spring evening)

1 set of cheap foul weather gear (pants and jacket)

1 pair work clothes (service projects or mission trips)

1 flashlight

Insect repellent (can be shared among the group)

Bedroll- sleeping bag or flat sheets, blanket and pillow

2 towels

Liquid soap/shampoo (no bar soap)

Triptone, Dramamine or Bonine

Air mattress is good for sleeping on deck

Personal snorkeling gear if you have it. There is a limited supply on the boat.

Underwater camera (optional)

For Sun Protection

Sunglasses (polarized) with neck strap

Hat (with string)

Sunscreen- aerosol and oil DO NOT provide sufficient protection. The crew uses SPF 30 or 45 all over everyday. Also glass containers do not work well on the boat.


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