How to get here


Airfares are constantly changing so it pays to carefully consider your options when flying to Nassau. Start your search for up-to-date fares with browsers like which covers most airlines. Southwest and JetBlue also fly to Nassau, so check their websites as well.

Compare flying directly from your hometown to Nassau with caravanning to an airport in a bigger city that may have better rates to Nassau.

Most major airlines have a group desk. Call and explain the type of trip and request a group price. Remember this is a negotiation, don’t accept their first offer, but be ready with a counteroffer. Be reasonable and polite.

Ground Transportation

After your group has cleared customs and immigration, you will need a taxi ride to the boat. Most of the group should stay inside the terminal with the baggage, while two people go find the taxi. There is always a taxi line just outside of the terminal. Again, be prepared to negotiate. The government rate is $40 for the first two people, and $5/person thereafter plus $1/bag.

Look down the taxi line in search of a large van. Ask the price and a get a firm commitment before loading the van. If you find  a van that will carry the whole group of 12, expect to pay $100-120. If you must split the group, be sure that everyone in the group AND the drivers know that YOU and only YOU are paying for the ride.










Call us at 1-800-683-8687


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