How to get here


Airfares are constantly changing so it pays to carefully consider your options when flying to Nassau. Start your search for up-to-date fares with browsers like which covers most airlines.

Compare flying directly from your hometown to Nassau with caravanning to an airport in a bigger city that may have better rates to Nassau.

Most major airlines have a group desk. Call and explain the type of trip and request a group price. Remember this is a negotiation, don’t accept their first offer, but be ready with a counteroffer. Be reasonable and polite.

Ground Transportation

After your group has cleared customs and immigration, you will need a taxi ride to the boat. Most of the group should stay inside the terminal with the baggage, while two people go find the taxi. There is always a taxi line just outside of the terminal. Again, be prepared to negotiate. The government rate is $35 for the first two people, and $4/person thereafter plus $1/bag.

Look down the taxi line in search of a large van. Ask the price and a get a firm commitment before loading the van. If you find  a van that will carry the whole group of 12, expect to pay $85-$90. If you must split the group, be sure that everyone in the group AND the drivers know that YOU and only YOU are paying for the ride.










Call us at 1-800-683-8687


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